is my blue point Siamese Cat.

She had kittens last year...I miss these little guys so much  :(



6 Years ago, while visiting Puffers Pond in Amherst MA,  I was wading in a cool, clean stream when I spotted this little guy. He was taking a needed rest after being in the fast moving, chilly water. The baby snapping turtle never moved as I picked him up and he was *so* cute that I wanted to keep him. I brought him home and he resided in a cake dish lid for 2 months until he came home for the summer. Well, Puffer Grunt grew and GREW....Puffer is now over 28" long from snout to tip of tail, with a carapace length of over 10".  He has a great new home in our apartment.  His new aquarium is 4'x2'x2.5', it's 120 gallons and I finally did things right.  I bought the stand, the glass canopy, the 4' light, the undertank crazy mf's awesome!!!  Puff eats EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that he comes into contact with. He has eaten countless fish (some pretty big, expensive ones at that), frogs, crabs, crickets, and other insects, crayfish, chicken, steak, and pinkies

** new to the menu this week!!!!  Pre-killed mice!  2 bites and they were gone!   Abby didn't believe me when I had told her about the "thud, thud, thud" coming from the tank as Puff had tried to eat Moo, but she does now...cause he goes after the new kitten Michi!

Puff's new tank, 120 gallons, it's 2' long x 4' wide x 2.5' tall - there he is (with reflection) on the left hand side...Look at that neck!!!  That's 2.5' of him right there, without the 8" tail.  The big red thing is actually a seclusion spot for him that he is nonchalantly tipping over (look close to find the 6 Jack Dempsies, still the only fish to last longer than a week with him)

Puff is trying to give me a kiss in this one cause...ummm....he loves me? (pic from 2001)

just a little bigger now

Tosa Inu - .Japanese fighting dog.  I'm doing research now to own one.  I have absolutely fallen in love with this breed.   They can grow to over 200 lbs...and eat your dog...or you...enjoy


These dogs rock. Someday I will own a Tosa, and I will train him in Japanese! "Seiza!" "Matte!"

**NEW LINK  Tosa Message Board: Rodems board, where a lot of Game bred Tosa enthusiasts post - Caution: Sometimes depicts Japanese Dog Fighting
Dog Breed Info: Great dog/puppy info here. I am craving a puppy
Tosa site index:  EVERY Tosa link on here, some great sites
Stone Wall Tosas: Beautiful dogs, check em out, I'm figuring about a year and a half and I'll be ready for one -also  the first Schutzhund trained tosas :) Mark turned me onto this site, pretty dedicated to German Shepards, but AWESOME info for ANYONE looking to own/train/breed

Here are some reptile links:
Asian Water Monitor: This link shows a lil monitor and gives some info on them.
ProExotics:  So what if these monitors get to be 7 feet long...I mean, Puff will live another 30 years and grow to about 75 lbs...right?

Hmm...are you thinking what I'm thinking? A 75 pound snapper?  What *will* I do with him? (Its a Joke!!)


 best pup ...ever


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