OTHER LINKS - where I read the Word online
My brother Paul's site: He has been such an inspiration for me lately in my study of the word.


  •  Tiger Claw Forge: Jason's site, he is making the two other blades to complete my sandan Daisho

  • Randal Graham: The swordsmith who created my shodan katana (samurai sword for black belt) 
    Albion Armorers:  Where Randal is working, some cool stuff

  • Swordforum: Where I began my research on swords, great info and forums.

  • Kris Cutlery: A few people have asked me about good cheap swords/etc. This place has the best "bang-for-your-buck" swords/daggers you will come across.                                                             Pretty cool medieval/malasian designs too.

  • Japanese sword index: Interested in learning about Japanese katana, tachi, wakishashi, tanto....this site is a must.  My buddy Chad brought me a sword to look at and maybe help ID...                            look at the pics HERE

  • Bladeforums: I've been carrying a pocket knife for quite a while now, this site is a great tool to learn and discuss folders and other weapons

  • Pipe Page:  Another hobby of mine, got a few pipes and I just built a pipe rack (See pics).           Decent info site.
  • Cane Page: In my recent creation of a cane I came across this site.                                                  Some are pretty sweet.
  • Mixed Martial Arts:  Interested in NHB?  Check out this site, a few friends are regulars
  • Epilogue.Net - some really good fantasy/sci-fi/horror art

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