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American JiuJitsu Centers: (Hombu in St.James)  I moved to Long Island, NY to train here.  The people here are awesome.  I train and/or teach every day and  I couldn't have asked for more, O'Sensei Joe has been phenomenal
American JiuJitsu Centers: (Commack Dojo) Sensei John Giotis is one of the most talented martial artists I know, check out his site
American JiuJitsu Centers: (Manhattan Dojo) Sensei Jasons School, awesome web page with great info
American JiuJitsu Centers: (Deer Park Dojo) Sensei Jerry is an awesome instructor with a wide range of knowledge
MIT JiuJitsu: Now run by Sensei Dave
Traditional Ju-Jitsu: I got a chance to train here when I lived in Braintree, they are great guys, and Shihan was an incredible teacher
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  UMass JiuJitsu class from 9/12


Woot!!  First BJJ seminar, did he give me 1 tip on the white belt, or 2?  Nope.  Just grabbed my blue belt in BJJ from Royce on 3/17.

Pics from my black belt test (June 2000).  Lots of my Nidan pics (October 2003) on!



Sensei Rob, Sensei Chris, and I 

Sensei Rob checks out my nidan 

Feiner refuses to relinquish his hold of bed-head, so I had to toss him.... (I love the mirror angle)

O'Sensei lightens things up 


after my test, another thanks to all who came down


  Pic from the last test where I taught at UMASS...Man, I miss these guys (what in God's name happened to Josh's head?)


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