yeah, my friends think it's hilarious, and this is their affectionate name for me,

but I like woodcarving and woodworking

my newest finished work...a wall stand I made for Abby  

The belt-rack (minus my black belt, it was in my gear bag...) Notice, no purple belt....old, old ranking system. I'm considering doing a red AJJP patc
A special thanks to Aimee at DeLauriers Fine Jewelry in Braintree for helping me with the AWESOME garnets for the eyes
MY CANE IS DONE....easily over 100 hours invested in this thing. Pics really dont do it justice....
The Pipe-rack, holds 12. I really wish you could see the grain better


Got a few new wood projects that haven't been photo'd yet - coming soon
Yep - I made em, Yep - from scratch, Yep ..... I rock
The Cane Process : It took me FOREVER.... check out how....(long and boring...hehehe)


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