A Warriors Affirmation


When I wake in the morning (not everyday, but as often as I can) I begin my day with a little ritual....

I was presented with a katana upon attaining the rank of Shodan (black belt) in AJJP.  The sword is considered "the soul of the samurai", and as such, my katana is very meaningful to me. It symbolizes what is important in my life; it symbolizes my beliefs. It represents who I am, where I have been, and where I intend my path to lead. It is a token of my dedication to my art, and is a source of strength, honor, and protection. My katana portrays the Japanese phrase, " Bushido".  Bushido is translated to mean, "the Way of the Warrior". This is the eastern concept of the warriors mindset, it helps to govern his actions, and it exemplifies his morals. I could write on and on about what Bushido means, but if you are reading this, there is a pretty good chance you understand its concept.  The following is something that I strive for and that my sword, prominently displayed on my sword rack in my living room, reminds me of...usually when I need it most.

"Today I will live my life as a warrior.
Today I will live with honor.
I will act virtuously and with benevolence.
I will speak with complete honesty.
I will better my mind, my body, and my spirit
I will be both devoted and loyal.
I will behave with valor and courage.
I will act properly, with respect and courtesy.
I will challenge myself, and I will meet those challenges.
I will make decisions appropriately.
I will be strong and resolute in my actions.
I will live today to it's fullest,
for yesterday cannot be changed,
and tomorrow may never be.
Today I will walk as a warrior.
................Today I will live in Bushido." .............jt


These are my words, and I try to live by them. Part of this mind set is realizing that perfection is an unattainable goal, and that failing teaches you life's lessons. I try to live my life as best I can, I try and better myself every day; this tool aids me. It lets me begin the day with a clear mind, and with proper focus. This helps me on the path I have chosen. Luck to you, my friend, on whatever path you choose


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